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For as long as we can remember we’ve been wearing flip flop socks. Occasionally stared at, but most often unnoticed, we crunched our socks between our toes and put on our flip flops when it got cold.  Knowing there are other "sock crunchers" out there and tired of this uncomfortable system, we decided to develop Flip Flop Socks. Flip Flop Socks are better looking, more comfortable socks made just for flip flops and split toe sandals. 

The response has been awesome and if our socks freak you out, relax, this is function not fashion, wear them for the comfort and you can keep your flip flops on all year.

Wakami Earth Bracelet Sea


Wakami Earth Bracelet Sea


This set of bracelets tells a story of the creation of the Earth. Each bracelet has its own unique meaning to correspond with the story; one representing the earth, sun, stars and moon. The next bracelet symbolizes water and wind, followed by plants and animals, people, and the last bracelet represents the love that connects them all.

  • 6.5 - 11 inches around for adjustable slip knot bracelets
  • 7 inches around for button loop bracelets
  • waxed polyester thread
  • copper coated brass beads
  • Zamak metal buttons
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